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Swabia is a cultural, historic and linguistic region in southwestern Germany. The name is ultimately derived from the medieval Duchy of Swabia, one of the. Swabia is one of the seven administrative regions of Bavaria, Germany. Contents . 1 Governance; 2 Districts and district-free towns before the regional. Swabia, German Schwaben, historic region of southwestern Germany, including what is now the southern portion of Baden-Württemberg Land (state) and the.

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Swabia is a very historical region with its own culture and people, and the Map, or Schwaben Map, on this page shows you where it is located within Germany. That award goes to the people of Swabia - a region in the southwest of The German capital is home to around , Swabians, who are. We speak Swabian, a German dialect mostly not understood by other Germans. Example? Jam in standard German is “Marmelade”.

The Swabian (German: Schwaben) cultural region is, for most Austrians, Germans, Swiss and visitors, a very ancient and distinct cultural area, most of which is. When most English-speaking people think of Germany, images of lederhosen, (I was instead confounded by the local Swabian dialect while living in Swabia.). Swabia (swā´bēə), Ger. Schwaben, historic region, mainly in S Baden- Württemberg and SW Bavaria, SW Germany. It is bounded in the east by Upper Bavaria.

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Bavarian: Schwobm, Bayern, Deitschland. French: Souabe, Bavière, Allemagne. German: Schwaben, Bayern, Deutschland. Italian: Svevia, Baviera, Germania. The German mentalityHail, the Swabian housewife. Views on economics, the euro and much else draw on a cultural archetype. Tom Pandolfino tells the story of his time living in Germany and learning the Swabian dialect. There are more than Swabian-themed artifacts on display at the Landesmuseum Wurttemberg, the state museum of greater Stuttgart. Stuttgart is the gateway to one of Germany's most storied regions, the Black Forest of Swabia, and fittingly is itself one of the greenest cities in. Geni Project: Jewish communities in Bavarian Swabia (Bayrisch Schwaben). This is an umbrella project for Jewish Communities in Germany. The. With Stuttgart as its northwestern gateway, and the Danube as its southern boundary, the Swabian plateau is both scenically and historically intriguing. Define Swabia. Swabia synonyms, Swabia pronunciation, Swabia translation, English dictionary definition of Swabia. A historical region of southwest Germany . Swabia Tourism: TripAdvisor has reviews of Swabia Hotels, Attractions, and Restaurants making it your Europe; Germany; Bavaria; Swabia Tourism. During the middle ages, the Duchy of Swabia covered not only those portions of Germany but also parts of Alsace, Switzerland and even alpine.

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