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Elvis Presley served in the United States Army between March and March At the time of his draft he was the most well-known name in the world of When he was stationed in West Germany, he met his future wife Priscilla . news crews from around the world to be on hand to report Presley's entry into the army. While Elvis Presley was the King, he was also a sergeant. Elvis's stint in the U.S. Army began 60 years ago this week. His service didn't last. When Elvis Presley turned 18 on January 8, , he fulfilled his patriotic duty and legal obligation to register his name with the Selective Service System, thereby making himself eligible for the draft. Humes High School in Memphis, Elvis received a student deferment that kept.

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As the Beatles' John Lennon once famously remarked: “Before Elvis, there was nothing. Presley received his draft notice for a two-year stint in the army. West Berliners are allowed to cross into East Berlin to visit relatives. Take our 20 page tour of Elvis Presley in the U.S. Army. Elvis would be classified 1A and would probably be drafted sometime that year. Within days, Elvis' manager Colonel Tom Parker, received 5, pieces of mail sent. What is the history of Elvis Presley's military career? Elvis Aron Presley entered the United States Army at Memphis, Tennessee, on March

On Monday, March 24, at AM, Elvis, accompanied by his parents and a group of family and friends, reported to the Memphis Draft Board. From there, he Memorial Hospital. There, Elvis was assigned army serial number 53 Total time on active Army duty: 2 years, 3/24/58 - 3/5/ In Germany Elvis. Elvis had to delay his entrance into the Army due to the contract for the movie he managed to get an extension date from The Memphis Draft Board. Presley knew that being out of the entertaining world for two years meant. January 8, , on his twenty second birthday, the Memphis Draft Board held a press Eight-year-old Mary Kosloski had a date with Elvis Presley Jan. . Elvis is spending his last week at home before induction into the army March

Elvis received his draft notice Friday December 20, Elvis Presley spent three days at Fort Chaffee in March after he was inducted into the Army. where Elvis Presley was also stationed at the beginning of his two year army hitch. Elvis Presley was at a career high when he was drafted into the U.S. Army in and shipped off to Friedberg, Germany. As Elvis finished. How Elvis Presley became America's most famous draftee. received the sudden and disheartening news that he would soon be drafted into the U.S. Army . The specter of conscription had been hanging over his head for five years, and he.

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He was the rebellious King of Rock 'n' Roll, but Elvis Presley didn't shirk his duty when he was drafted by the U.S. Army and gained the more modest title of. Superstar Elvis went from rock 'n' roller to role model when he was called Hearing Presley was about to be drafted, the Navy and the Air Force made with Elvis and his father Vernon) collapsed and was taken into hospital. Elvis Presley was drafted into the U.S. Army 60 years ago. His service did not last long, but it did have a profound impact on him. The years brought not only the release of “King Creole,” one of the best Elvis The Elvis Army years begin as Elvis Presley is inducted into the U.S. Army at the Memphis Draft Board and is assigned serial number Elvis Presley was inducted into the United States Army 60 years ago this to be with him, he said about being drafted into the Army with Elvis. Elvis was sure that after two years in the Army and being out of the public eye his Wallis and Colonel Parker contracted the Memphis Draft Board, requesting a The enlistment process turned into a media circus, instigated no doubt by. 60 years ago today, at the then-height of his popularity, Elvis Presley was drafted into the Army. He's our kind of soldier. Read our review of the. Today is Saturday, March 24, the 83rd day of There are days left in the year. Today's Highlight in History: On March 24, , Elvis Presley was. Elvis was drafted and sent to Germany. Ali refused to serve As far as Elvis goes , to quote Lennon: Elvis died when he went into the army. Elvis Presley took a break from stardom when he received his draft notice in and joined the Army the following March. He was stationed in Texas and later.

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