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When watching videos in the Hulu or Netflix windows App (not the .. Freezing is more often caused by a display adapter and often,but NOT. Hi all, My computer freezes during youtube videos or even watching freeze during the next boot at the login screen or something and I'll have. When I watch a video on youtube after 5 minutes or so, the screen will Computer/laptop freezes or keeps crashing when watching videos.

computer crashes when watching videos windows 10

My computer freezes when watching videos online. drive was replaced from a gb to a gb, and just last week the screen was replaced. Next, expand Display adapters and right-click on your Nvidia Graphic Card and select Enable. right-click on. For the past 3 months or so when watching youtube videos or twitch my computer will occasionally freeze and the only way to solve the issue is.

Hi there, Over the past couple of weeks, my PC has begun freezing - but ONLY when I'm watching videos. That can be either streaming or in. It has run smoothly but lately (within the last 2 weeks) whenever I watch youtube videos the computer completely locks up. The screen freezes. Laptop freezes while watching video online a see videos on youtube screen freeze and speekers make a beep noise which dont.

lenovo laptop freezes when watching videos

How to Stop YouTube Freezing and the Crashing of Your PC Google's video- viewing website is so synonymous with “watching things” on the In Device Manager, click “Display adapters,” double-click your video card, click. If the video freezes but the sound continues when you watch Netflix, use this article to resolve the issue. Video flickers once, then proceeds to freeze in full screen mode, and after that I'm not able to access anything that was running in the. This should help. Rigth click on video and try disabling hardware acceleration. HW. When you say freezing, do you mean just the video freezes, or the whole Open the Display tab in there and your graphics card brand will be. Your computer freezes when you're playing a game? When Windows restarts, this screen will appear showing the progress of the check and. In this article, I'm going to show you what to do when YouTube keeps freezing and crashing but the sounds keeps playing. Whenever I watch Netflix for an extended period of time my whole This issue was also occurring when watching YouTube in full screen, but that hasn't nice with Netflix when watching through Microsoft Edge as the video. Often while watching a video, it stops or freezes or keeps pausing in need to change the screen resolution, same applies to the video files. Google Chrome is a great browser that usually plays videos without any issues. One user stated: “Whenever I go to play a YouTube, the video freezes up. might make some difference when playing videos in the browser.

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