How to reboot my macbook air

Hold the power button for 5 seconds to shut off. Power on and hold the Shift key down when you hear the startup tone. This should perform a. Force restarting a MacBook, MacBook Air, or MacBook Pro is consider restarting your Mac in Apple Diagnostics mode to check if it's a. If you're selling or giving away your Mac. Turn on or restart your MacBook and hold down the.

how to restart macbook air 2018

Intervening is best done by forcibly restarting the frozen Mac, and In both instances, a force reboot is basically forcing the Mac to shut down, then starting as usual. Forcibly Rebooting a MacBook Air & Retina MacBook Pro. Want to prepare a Mac to sell or return it to factory settings? Check out our From the main menu, choose Reinstall macOS and click continue. 6 days ago This guide explains how to reset your MacBook Air, covering how to back up your MacBook, and how to restore it to its factory settings.

Here is how to force restart a Mac and what to do if your MacBook is frozen. If you need to force shut down a MacBook Pro or MacBook Air. If your Mac desktop or Mac laptop is acting sluggish or programs are failing to run , you need to know how to restart your Mac computer. Restarting or rebooting. Factory resetting a Mac is a rather involved process that in essence . If you have a MacBook Pro or MacBook Air with Touch ID you will need.

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Back up your Mac if possible. Since restoring your Mac to its factory settings will erase everything on your hard drive. When it comes to rebooting your MacBook, softer is better. A hard reboot usually consists of pressing the power button until the computer shuts off, then pressing. You can tell your MacBook has crashed if your cursor appears as a spinning beach Mac OS X Help: Restarting Your Computer; Mac OS X Snow Leopard. The first steps here assume your Mac just isn't responding when you press its power button. If it's responding but failing to boot up normally. You should already be in the Utilities window after erasing your Mac. If not, restart your. To avoid data loss due to factory resetting your Mac, you can make a backup of your MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, iMac, or other Macs to an. Save any open files you want to keep before rebooting your Mac. Apple Debuts New Operating System, iLife 11 and MacBook Air. Similar methods are used for. If everything is working properly and you simply need to reboot your computer because of a download or to start a different drive, you can use one of Apple's. If your Mac or Macbook won't turn on, don't despair. Our guide to troubleshooting all Mac boot problems will get it fixed quickly. If you ever find yourself in a situation where you need to wipe the hard drive of your MacBook Air and start over from scratch, take comfort in.

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