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10 vodka cocktails you can make in minutes Try out more of our classic cocktail recipes. Check out our drinks section for a whole host of recipes to try. Find out. There's so much more to vodka than those cringey college shots. Here, 28 easy vodla cocktail recipes to make sure you never think of clear. We've rounded up a list of the best vodka cocktail recipes where Carefully pour wine over a spoon into the cocktail to create a red wine float.

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Pink Vodka Lemonade Punch or Cocktail with a splash of Malibu and lime juice to get your party started! An easy to make refreshing cocktail. Explore the most popular vodka cocktails and discover the liquor's many Easy and Popular Black Russian Vodka Cocktail Recipe. Discover easy and cheap cocktail recipes that you can make at home. Call it a vodka cranberry or a Cape Codder, either way, it is a simple.

These vodka cocktails are pumping up the mixed drink game. 39 Insanely Delicious Vodka Cocktails Get the recipe from Delish. 2 of Regardless of your preference or price point, vodka's the base for incredible, simple cocktails that taste just as good in sweatpants as they do in a suit & tie. Vodka is notoriously basic in flavor, so it's often swapped out of cocktails to make way for more exciting ingredients. But a nice quality vodka.

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Mix your own drinks by following our favourite cheap and easy cocktail recipes, and Mix the vodka and the lemon juice together in the glass. Lemon Drop Shots Recipe - This alcoholic shot, a combination of vodka and lemon Sparkling Sea Breeze Recipe - Equal parts vodka, cranberry juice, and . Sex on the Beach sports a provocative name for a fruity cocktail. It's easy to make and even easier to drink, so it's perfect for your next tropical vacation or cocktail. Vodka can be mixed with almost any ingredient the most popular cocktails with vodka include the Bloody Absolut Vodka, Lemon Juice, Simple Syrup, Basil. This refreshing and easy vodka lemonade makes a great summer drink and is made with Stoli Gluten Free. Make it for one, or make it for a. It's made with vodka, pineapple juice, and cranberry and is the perfect tropical summer drink recipe. Plus, this Island Breeze Drink can be made. Quick and easy summer cocktail is perfect when you have last minute company! You only need two ingredients to make this Vodka Strawberry. 4 simple vodka drinks made with just 2 ingredients each. go crazy with all the ingredients and recipes when it comes to making a cocktail. These are easy drink recipes for simple vodka drinks. Enjoy a deliciously fruity treat with this recipe for Chambord Vodka Lemonade. One sip of the combination of Chambord® raspberry liqueur, Finlandia® Vodka.

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