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Adding footnotes and endnotes in Word isn't difficult; removing one, some, or even all, is even easier. You can also remove the line that separates footnotes and. Adding footnotes or endnotes to your document isn’t difficult; removing one, some, or even all, is even easier. But here’s the thing: It’s the reference number or mark that you delete (in the body of the text); NOT the footnote or endnote itself. If you delete the footnote or. Microsoft Office Word always places footnotes at the end of each page. Many users are wondering how to remove footnote or remove which part of footnote.

how to remove footnote line in word

Microsoft Word automatically numbers footnotes for you. You can use a single numbering scheme throughout a document, or you can use different numbering. Tired of all those footnotes hanging on the bottom of each page in your document ? You can get rid of them in one step, as described in this tip. Please Note: This article is written for users of the following Microsoft Word versions: , , , and If you are using an earlier.

You may receive a documents filled with footnotes which you don't find useful. If you want to delete them, Word offers multiple ways of doing it. In this post, we would like to share with you 4 methods to remove footnote or endnote separator in your Word document. Below is an example of an endnote separator line. (Below the words Human Resources) *Note the endnotes are in green.

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When I insert a Footnote into my Word document a separator line is automatically inserted above the footnote reference. How do I remove the. Every help to do this refers to word or earlier even though the headings for the helps say, delete all footnotes in Word [b][/b]. Learn how to insert footnotes into a Word document. you delete a citation, Microsoft Word will automatically adjust the numbering to reflect the changes. Go to beginning of document. Click the References tab. Click Show Notes. Click Next Footnote until the cursor moves to a position where a. Remember - This is a public forum so never post private information such as email or phone numbers! Ideas: After following the help advice. By default, when you create a Microsoft Word footnote, a line will To remove the line, go into Draft view, the fifth of the View buttons on the Status bar. This entry was posted in Microsoft Word , Microsoft Word A blank line is appearing between footnotes in a document I have been sent. When I try to delete the line, from above or below, MS Word tells. In this video tutorial, viewers learn how to insert or delete footnotes or end-notes in Microsoft By WonderHowTo; 06/30/ pm; 09/23/ pm. In Word , Word and Word there's big buttons on the References To delete a Footnote or Endnote, go to the reference in the. In Word , you can flag either a footnote or endnote with a superscripted 6 To delete a footnote, highlight the footnote's number in your document and press .

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