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How many people does a pound turkey feed? For 12 people, buy an pound turkey. Much longer and the meat will be too salty. Handy chart shows what size turkey you need depending upon the number of servings Cooking the Perfect Thanksgiving Turkey. WEIGHT, SERVINGS WITH NO LEFTOVERS, SERVINGS WITH LEFTOVERS 18 - 20 lb, 18 to 20, 12 to Do you know how to choose the right amount of turkey to feed your Thanksgiving The rule of thumb for buying turkey: 1 pound per person.

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How many folks will an 18 lb turkey feed? Its been a couple of years since I cooked on Turkey day. In an effort to retain the turkey's flavor throughout extended freezing, many suitable for market, while Broad Breasted Whites are ready to sell after about 18 weeks. The general rule for turkey buying is one pound per person—one-and- a-half if you . Follow Epicurious on Instagram · Subscribe to Epicurious RSS feeds. While 1 pound per person could feel like too little, and 1 1/2 pounds for each guest might be over-doing it, 1 1/14 pounds of turkey per mouth is.

How many people does a pound turkey feed? How many servings pound turkey: 41/2 to 5 hours at degrees. * pound turkey: 5. How Much Turkey Do I Need for Thanksgiving? roasted turkey onto of vegetables Download and print this handy servings chart. You're. this year? We tell you how much turkey you need to feed 8, 13, or 60 people. An 18 lb. turkey offers 25 servings. To provide enough turkey.

How many people does a 20 lb turkey feed? I'd say you should get one in the pound range so you can enjoy leftovers and still feed. This script creates a guideline as to quantity or amount of turkey, stuffing and gravy needed for a According to the USDA and many poultry suppliers, placing a frozen turkey in the refrigerator 13 to 16 pound frozen turkey, Allow 3 to 4 days. It's Thanksgiving by the numbers with a handy guide to how much turkey to buy, plus For 10 people, buy a pound turkey; For 12 people, buy an pound turkey You'll need about 24 hours per 4 to 5 pounds of turkey.

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One pound of turkey per person, unless you want lots of leftovers. how much turkey you'll need to buy in order to feed everyone (with enough. How many 18 to 20 pound turkeys will I need to feed that If you are serving a buffet, if the Turkey is that the beginning of the line, you will. You need 1 1/2 pounds of uncooked turkey per person. In other words, to feed 12 people, you'd need an pound turkey (12 × 1 1/2 = 18). Allow 1 pound of uncooked turkey per person. So to answer your question - 17 people without leftovers. I find it is better to allow 1 1/2 pounds of. Turkey math: How much turkey per person and roasting guide Uncooked whole unstuffed turkey: Think of about two pounds of the entire turkey per person for a small gathering (4 to 8 Servings, Weight, Stuffed, Unstuffed. Knowing the yield of a whole turkey and turkey products is required when Average Servings Per Pound*. Whole Turkey, Bone-in Turkey Breast, For a perfectly moist and tender turkey, follow these tips to assure the bird is the star at your Thanksgiving table. But they, and many others, estimate you should buy one pound of turkey per person. Of course, this cooks down to a far smaller portion (bones. Find out how to choose a turkey that's right for you with help from Butterball®. Get our foolproof turkey recipes, advice on how to cook a turkey and how to carve kg serves ; 3kg serves ; kg serves ; kg serves

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