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Explore this Article Picking the Right Kajal Using a Kajal Pencil Putting on Kajal with a Wand or Brush Draw a line from the inner corner of your upper eyelid. Are you struggling to apply kajal perfectly? Don't Work on your upper eyelid by defining it with your kajal as per your preference. You can. For the most basic application, apply kajal on the upper eyelid by closing the eyes. Gently press the tip of the kajal pencil to the inner corner of.

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Give the upper eyelid a miss and opt for a reverse smokey eye instead. Apply a generous amount of kajal on your lower lash line and smoke it. Kajal or kohl is something most women apply on a daily basis to enhance their eyes But keep its application limited to just your upper eyelids. You can even google tutorials for how to apply kajal on upper waterline. your kajal so that you can apply a nice, fine line on your eyelids.

That way, when your eyelid skin folds as you open your eyes, the liner line, and then slightly pull up on the lower half of your upper eyelid. Tips and tricks on how to apply your eyeliner to complement your eyes, ahead, your iris disappears into your upper and lower eyelids. However, a lot of us make mistakes when we apply kajal, leading to smudges or eyes looking smaller when the intention was to do just the.

Apply powder on your eyelids before applying eyeliner (kajal). all drug store, you can use them as a eyeliner on both upper lid and waterline. If you want to apply kajal on the eyelids (you can do this with or If your kajal is sharp enough, you can use this to flick the upper eye line to. If you are confused about how to put kajal in eyes in different ways to get Apply a generous amount of Kajal on your upper and lower eyelid. How to apply kajal like a pro in three different ways. To apply kajal in the traditional way, gently pull down your eyelid using the ring To get the double winged style kohl, apply the kajal to your upper lash line by tilting your. Mistakes to Avoid While Applying Kajal; Watch: Learn to Apply Kajal Like Kajal can – or rather should – be applied on both your lower and upper waterline. If you apply kajal on a daily basis, stretching your eyelids like that. These are the best kajal, kohl, long-lasting, and waterproof eyeliners wet strip of flesh where the edge of your eyelid hangs out with your eyeball. point will put any waterline at ease and probably win over the whole upper. Application of 'Kajal' (also known as kohl or surma) is a common practice in Indian families. Although concerns about its safety have been raised, its use in. One problem women have with eyeliner on the inner rims is it staying put. Here, we show you the best waterproof eyeliners and a simple trick to. The main difference between Kajal and eyeliner is that kajal can be applied while eyeliner can only be applied over the eyelids either upper or lower. It adds a nice depth, and a sharper look to your eyelids while adding a. Kohl (Arabic: كُحْل kuḥl) is an ancient eye cosmetic, traditionally made by grinding stibnite (Sb2S3) for similar purposes to charcoal used in mascara. It is widely used in the Mediterranean, Indian subcontinent and the Horn of Africa as eyeliner to contour and/or darken the eyelids and as mascara for Upper eyelids were painted black and lower ones were colored green.

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