How to beat floor 78 on 100 floors

level 78 Walkthrough for floors iphone game. Picture. 3. Proceed to the next floor! Hit like if this helped you! Random lucky fans get free paid apps:). Floors Level 78 Walkthrough, Cheats, Solutions, Hints and game explanation for iPhone, iPad, iPod, Android by Tobi Apps. When you begin level 78 on floors, you will see 4 cubes in the middle of the door and some blocks on the ground. Each of these blocks can change colors at .

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Floors,Floors,Escape,app,Walkthrough. This site brings you the unique solution of Floors step by step for each level. level 75 · Floors level 76 · Floors level 77 · Floors level 78 · Floors level 79 · Floors level Floors How to solve Level pbadminWednesday, June 13, Deconstruct the box on the ground by tapping the spaces to match the image below. Are you stuck on some levels on Floors? Read on to see the answers! The Step Number indicates the answer for that respective floor.

( Floors – Floor 1 Walkthrough/Solution Pic & Details). Floor 2: . Floor The 3 boxes shown are different angles of same box. “Draw” the. Level 66 Level 67 Level 68 Level 69 Level 70 · Level 71 Level 72 Level 73 Level 74 Level 75 · Level 76 Level 77 Level 78 Level 79 Level 80 · Level 81 Level How to pass floors level 80? it's not simple because we will see a flipped numbers. How long the game developer think to make this puzzle:) it's really fun, .

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How to beat floors 74 game? as other stages before in this floor you have to solve the puzzle to open the door. But now we will play with colors in. Floors Level 78 Walkthrough ( Floors Solution Floor 78 iphone, ipad) . This walkthrough showcases one way to beat Floors level 78 ( Floors. The Fourth set of floors in the Palace of the Dead. After defeating Nybeth on Floor of the Palace, It is possible to skip to Floor 76/78 by using a Palace Guide. Doors Floors Escape Walkthrough every level solution. Level 77 of Doors Floors Escape · Level 78 of Doors Floors Escape · Level 79 of Plunge into the mysterious world of the doors. Each new level is a unique puzzle that is becoming more and more complicated. In order to pass a level you . Floors. By: Tobi Apps Use a third finger to tap the arrow to the next level. Floor Slide the . Floor Use the diagrams to get this. Floors The Castle Level 6 7 8 9 10 Walkthrough guide how to solve all the challenging puzzles niveau on the castle tower and escape the. Stuck to solve this step? how to beat floors level 78? this is the hint: The goal is that you have to make a 3D box and the color match with the sample box on. Floors Walkthrough - Videos, Pictures, Tutorials for all floors, all levels. Solutions for every floor. Floors, iPad, iPhone, iPod -Answers. Use the question mark for alignment and unfold the cube on the floor. Not all the squares on the floor are used. If below the green square is.

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