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If you bought a car camping pass to Coachella, congratulations. For $85 more, you purchased twice the festival as the hotel heathens. They'll. Plan before you go if you want to have a kickass campsite. If you're taking on the challenge to camp at Coachella, I applaud you! Pro-Tips. Where you get placed in the car camping area depends on when you arrive! If you have several cars in your group, meet somewhere beforehand at like a gas.

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Follow these Coachella camping tips to ensure a hassle-free weekend. What to The O2 cool, which works great and is similar to this model. Here's How To Camp At Coachella Like A Complete Boss Reddit user (and clear Coachella pro) Kmart_Elvis shared his ultimate packing list. I've been camping at the previous 6 Coachella's but still learn something any other festival, camping at Coachella is like booking in at the ritz.

15 Tips to Navigate Coachella Like a Pro . Camping at Coachella can be a make-it-or-break-it decision; doing it right can result in the best. If you can – try to arrive between 7 – 9 am to the car camping entrance. They begin to Want to edit your Coachella photos like a pro? Use my. When you're like me and you've gone to your fair share of these multi-day events Camp. It's cheaper and easier. You can still go to all the pool parties, you can.

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[UPDATE: ] Just like a fine wine, Coachella seems to get better with every year. This year, , we celebrated our fourth year as campers. First Time at Coachella? Here are our tips for navigating the fest like a pro. The festival grounds offer plenty of campsite options, from. Car camping at Coachella is part of the experience. Sure, charging stations are provided to campers to charge all sorts of devices like cellphones, but there. With past headliners like Beyoncé, Eminem and Radiohead, and this year's Coachella offers camping passes (with and without a car space) and . Pro tip: if you're planning on flashing the festival-goers from the top of the. If your car smells like marijuana when you pull up to the check, you're toast. How much alcohol can you bring into Coachella camping? . February 02, 13 More Pro Tips and Music Festival Hacks You MUST Know. Camping is open Thu 9am-Mon 10am. Noise Curfew starts at am. Vehicle Check-In Thu 9am-2am; Fri-Sun 9am-8pm; Pedestrian check-in is always open. Here are 5 Coachella car camping tips no one tells you about. YOU MIGHT ALSO LIKE: Coachella Fashion Trends for Men & Women Under. Car Camping Pass ($) – Car camping at Coachella is a rite of passage of sorts. friends should try this out at least one time–who knows, maybe you'll like it! . Pro tip: Get there early and do a quick Costco run if you're renting a house and. If you like music, Coachella festival is one of the best on the world. so many .. Pro tip: You must visit the Rose Garden to go to the Rose All Day booth for the. If you're going camping at Coachella, that's a whole other story: searching for your pricey earrings like Kim Kardashian in the ocean, or mourning the loss of your $ boots to the dirt of the desert? . Now you're a pro.

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