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Connecting your HTC One to a computer will allow you to charge the device, manage your media files, and sync data with the HTC Sync. Important: You can install HTC Sync Manager on Windows XP or later versions. To install it on a Mac computer, you need OS X or later versions. If you have . Installing HTC Sync Manager on your computer If HTC Sync Manager didn't automatically open, you may need to do one of the steps below, depending on the.

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Synchronize calendars, contacts, photos, music, bookmarks and documents between your computer and your HTC One using the HTC Sync Manager. The Sync. Step 1: Start the program HTC Sync on your computer. With your PC turn on and booted into windows connect the phone with a usb sync cable. Now go to the device manager which is located in the.

The article is about how to transfer photos between HTC One and computer with the help of HTC Sync Manager. HTC-made devices support HTC's Sync Manager program that provides functionality Devices like the HTC One V only enable data transfers from an installed. To synchronise data (such as your contacts, apps and photos) with the HTC One A9, HTC Sync must be installed on your computer. Go to HTC Sync and click.

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Syncing your calendar events Set up HTC Sync Manager to sync HTC One X with your Outlook Calendar or Windows Calendar on your computer. You can sync. To transfer picture or video files between your device and your computer, view this info. HTC Backup and HTC Sync Manager are key features for HTC mobile devices. Connect your HTC One to your computer using a USB cable. Learn how to back up and restore apps, contacts, photos, and data on the HTC One LTE. On this On the computer, double-click the desired folder to access your phone's files. Drag and drop Scroll to 'PERSONAL' and tap Accounts & sync. C sync manager but it hangs [using windows 7 One of the functions of the HTC Jan 3, HTC Sync Manager is a free application for your computer that. The Way to Sync Contacts from HTC One M8 to Outlook Directly (HTC 10 Link your HTC One M8 to the computer by means of a USB cable or. To install it on a Mac computer, you need OS X or later versions. If you have problem in installing HTC Sync Manager, close all your running. Download HTC Sync. Synchronize your HTC phone with your computer. HTC One; HTC Butterfly; HTC J Butterfly; HTC Droid DNA; HTC. Why Do We Need to Backup HTC SMS Messages to Computer? Part 1. How to Copy SMS from HTC to PC/Mac via HTC SMS Backup; Part 2. How to Save. After the backup is complete, disconnect the iPhone and reconnect the HTC One to the computer. HTC Sync Manager should automatically find.

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