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Step-by-step guide to tuning your CB antenna for low SWR and peak Next, use the jumper lead to connect your radio and the SWR meter through the. Procedure: The SWR meter needs to be placed in line between the antenna and the CB. Connect the antenna (normally connected to the back of the CB) to the. How to use an SWR meter and tune your CB Radio aerial.

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Anything above is inefficient and must be corrected in order to use the radio without damaging RGU coaxial cable; SWR meter; CB or shortwave radio. A “SWR” meter is used to measure how well the transmit power signal emitted from a . How to tune the CB antenna using the AUSWR external meter. Turn your. This is an important yet simple and easy to use bit of kit. Getting the SWR right is crucial not just for getting decent range but also because a high SWR reading.

Don't use a TV antenna or an AM/FM antenna for . The SWR meters built into CB radios are okay for. Many CB radios have a built-in meter for testing your antenna system. Either by using the built-in meter that many radios have, or by buying an external SWR. How to Tune a CB Radio without a SWR Meter Everyone will say “YES” that when using CB radio sometimes the signal disappears, strong.

SWR is very important to every CB set-up and should be checked every time a new antenna is To check the SWR reading you must use an SWR meter. Workman SWR Meter for CB Radio Antennas SWR2T: Electronics. Buy Workman Power SWR Meter for CB Radio Watts Dual Meters SWR3P: There are several videos on YouTube explaining how to use SWR Meters and.

The S.W.R.-meter (President TOS-1 or TOS-2) is connected between the CB radio (TX) and the antenna, as close as possible to the transceiver (use a cable of. Many hams have re-purposed CB SWR meters but there are so many Using the meter into the VHF and UHF bands is questionable but you. Many CB radios in use are hooked up in cars, but are mostly used still by semi- trucks. A SWR meter will help you measure the radio's output. Items 1 - 12 of 18 CB & Amateur Radio Accessories>SWR meters. SWR meters SWR METER / WATT METER HF-VHF-UHF N FEMALE CONNECTOR. To check the radio SWR, you 1st need to purchase an External SWR meter and a short piece of coax cable like Here on eBay. To connect this External SWR. SWR METER to Test CB Radio Antennas - Workman SWR2T: Electronics. Easy to use. This is a must when installing a new Antenna. Read more. I just setup a mobile CB on my car and am looking for a swr meter. If I can borrow one to tune with it saves me the 30 bucks of buying one, and. Buy SWR METER & PATCH LEAD FOR CB RADIO at Amazon UK. Easy to use SWR meter, follow the enclosed instructions and you will be set up in minutes. CB VSWR meters probably won't work at UHF. The technical reason is to do with the diodes they use inside that have a frequency limit. Will a CB SWR meter work on a 2 meter ham radio?? Mark, K5LXP, replied: Yes and no. I use a CB SWR meter to check 2M antennas all the.

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