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Inflation is a natural part of modern life, but there are some time-tested ways to inflation-proof your assets. We've not seen inflation of 3 percent since , but it's inching up. The strong economy and low unemployment are good news, but they also tend to augur inflation. If you are worried about the impact on your.

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How can you protect yourself against inflation and maintain the same For example, if you invest a $, in bonds and get $5, a year. Whether you hedge inflation or look for a return that outpaces inflation, here's how to prepare. Inflation is heating up, which is bad news for retirees who are relying on portfolio withdrawals. Consumer Reports offers tips on protecting your.

But even though inflation is low these days, it still eats away at your savings and investments. Let's review four (nearly) foolproof strategies and. Broadly speaking, inflation is the increase in overall prices for goods and services in an economy. You'll need more money tomorrow to buy the. Earning 1% above inflation is the ultimate dream of many conservative investors, who mostly invest their money in secure bank and company.

Preparing your portfolio is important if you think inflation is coming. Take these steps to protect your investments for the long-term. In this environment, can infrastructure assets help protect portfolios from the rav- Inflation is not always kind to fixed income investments, but there are other. Beating inflation is a good foundation to grow your investment. Here are some strategies you can adopt to try and protect your investments.

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We haven't seen inflation more than 3 percent since , but we're getting close . The inflation rate for August was percent, up from Saving money is a basic habit that everyone should cultivate to be financially healthy. Most financial advisers recommend that one save at least. From investments to savings, how to shelter your finances. With the United States Government running record deficits, a common concern of many new investors is protecting their portfolio from high inflation rates. When. Let's start by defining inflation. According to Google, the economic definition of inflation is a general increase in prices and fall in the purchasing value of money. Three keys ways that you can protect against inflation from destroying your investment returns over time, since inflation will likely rise within the. Inflation eats into the purchasing power of your cash, so it's worth considering this before choosing where to invest. A penny saved is a penny earned. But thanks to inflation, over time, the value of the penny saved could be much less than when it was earned. One cannot. How can I protect my investments from inflation? Inflation is an economic factor that investors must take into consideration when managing their investment. Inflation is one of the natural enemies of most investors. Think of it as compounding in reverse: What your investment returns give with one hand, inflation can.

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