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The End of the Rainbow was the 21st episode of Season 6 of Good Times, also the th overall series episode. Written by Michael G. Moye and Jacqueline. By the end of season four, Esther Rolle had also become ratings did not improve and CBS canceled the series during the. Good Times (–). /10 . Florida & Wilona laugh and cheer at this wonderful news and end the series with a hug. Written by Did You Know?.

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This final episode brings all too good news for the Evans family. J.J. gets an offer to a comic company, Keith's bad knee is miraculously healed. Good Times was a spinoff of a spinoff that premiered on CBS in February enable him to appear on the series (as evidenced in the ending credits of the first season). .. But somehow, one crafty fan has done just that. When Good Times debuted in February of , it was a television first: a Her firefighter husband was introduced towards the end of the first.

The actor joined the cast of Good Times for its sixth and final season, playing “Later, he said, 'Did you really have to do it so hard?!' ”. One of the greatest TV sitcoms of the 70's is Good Times. household on TV trying to make ends meet until we saw Good Times. An interview with Jimmie Walker revealed that the cast did absolutely NOTHING together. CBS aired the series finale of Good Times entitled “The End of the Rainbow”. It was in season six, episode Directed by Gerren Keith and.

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Jimmie Walker, who played J.J. on the '70s sitcom “Good Times,” sat down We never did anything together.” . The only thing I did like at the end was they gave them a good send off which most black sitcoms didn't get. When many people think about the most memorable moments in black television history, the first storyline to pop into their minds is when. Created by writer Eric Monte and actor Michael Evans, Good Times but when he did have work he held two jobs at once, primarily doing manual labor. At the end of season four, the character Florida was written out by. Even the best shows often start as one thing and end up as drama as it did, Good Times remained creatively strong throughout its run. In the sixth and final season of GOOD TIMES, Florida returns for Thelma and Keith's wedding, Michael decides to move out, and Willona fights her most. “It's good that anyone remembers anything you've done,” he said. Since “Good Times came to an end, however, Walker has stayed busy. John Amos Good Times: In a new interview, John Amos shares exactly why he was fired from his hit television show, 'Good Times.'. Good Times was a Norman Lear-produced Sitcom that ran on CBS from Series / Good Times. Go To .. However, he did improve by the show's final season. Actor Alton Ben Powers, known for his role in the s CBS television series Good Times, has died at age Watch Good Times: The End of the Rainbow from Season 6 at

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