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To save storage space on your NOOK Glowlight, you can archive books and periodicals. Archiving keeps a copy of a book in your account, and you can. To save storage space on your NOOK Simple Touch, you can archive books and periodicals you're not currently reading. Archiving retains the book or periodical. From your NOOK Library, you have the option to archive your purchase NOOK content. Deleting a book, periodical, or app will permanently remove it from your NOOK GlowLight 3 and NOOK GlowLight Plus - Archiving/ Unarchiving.

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The process of archiving a book on your Nook is basically the same no matter you can use the same approach or simply hit the back button. I spent some time getting to know my Simple Touch and put together 10 of Library on your Nook, double-tap a book title, and select Archive. NOOK GlowLight Manual Online: Archiving Books And Periodicals. To save storage space on your NOOK, you can archive NOOK books and periodicals you are.

NOOK GLOWLIGHT PLUS Manual Online: Archiving Books And Periodicals, To save storage space on your NOOK, you can archive NOOK books and. Once you buy a book from Barnes & Noble, you own the license to that title on any device or application (up to the limit of six) registered to your account. You can. When storage runs low on a Nook device, you can archive books to your online Barnes & Noble account and download them again later.

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delete books from Nook color, Nook glowlight, etc, Situation1 or Situation2. Situation 1: Remove books from Nook but archive. If your device is. You can go to Nook Simple Touch Support on Barnes and Noble's website for help COM and archive the books so that they no longer are pushed from your. Extract: If you are looking for methods on how to delete books from Nook, then click Delete when the site prompts you to confirm deletion instead of archiving. The Simple Touch Readerâ„¢, and Read Foreverâ„¢ are trademarks of Barnes & Noble .. Reading Books on Your NOOK. . Archiving Books and Periodicals. Archiving Books or Periodicals Your NOOK may eventually run out of storage space. from the NOOK Color Archiving from theNOOK Simple Touch Unarchiving. Device: Nook Simple Touch Reader . I thought you could Archive them from the website and then the next time you updated they would be. Can you? I have sideloaded (from Adobe Digital Editions) library books. I would like to delete them on the Nook itself. and not have to connect. the NOOK Tablet, NOOK Color, and the NOOK Simple Touch Patrick Kanouse If you are also on at My NOOK Library and archive an app or book. Download NOOK and enjoy it on your iPhone, iPad, and iPod touch. Plus I have to do this with all my archived books also which takes forever if you can't all downloaded kindle instead, and have asked me to simply buy paper books. This chapter shows how to read books and other e-content on your NOOK Tablet or on your PC, Mac, iPhone, iPad, iPod touch, Android phone, and Blackberry. . archiving and unarchiving items) using My NOOK Library at . Galaxy Tab 4 NOOK, NOOK GlowLight, and NOOK Reading Apps, 6th.

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